Legislation changes regarding the use of cannabis at Brescia

Committed first and foremost to a healthy and safe teaching, learning and working environment, effective October 17, 2018 Brescia will be following federal and provincial legislation and the cannabis regulations created by Western University, by prohibiting the smoking or vaping of cannabis on Brescia University College property.

The Brescia Residence Handbook has been updated to reflect amended regulations to the recreational use and possession of cannabis in residence, and those living in residence have been informed of those amendments.

In working together and contributing to a safe and healthy campus for our entire community, Brescia is committed to continuing to provide regular updates as it works with its partners on campus (including Western University and the other affiliate universities, as well as members of the Brescia community, led by the Health & Safety Committee) to ensure that our policies support the responsibility of Brescia to provide a safe and healthy place to learn, work and lead.

For further details on Western University’s cannabis regulations, please visit: https://news.westernu.ca/2018/10/western-issues-information-cannabis-campus/.