Brescia’s 2014 Recipient of Excellence in Teaching Award committed to teaching and research

News Release

June 9, 2014

London, ON – Brescia University College has chosen Dr. Christine Tenk as this year’s Excellence in Teaching Award winner – a richly deserved honour for this dynamic associate professor in Psychology. Dr. Tenk, who joined Brescia’s Department of Psychology in 2008, is described by students as the “embodiment of a Brescia Bold “Choose to Lead” woman.”

She brings remarkable energy and passion to both her teaching and her research and is a very involved community member. On the subject of her teaching, one of her student nominators offered, “Dr. Tenk isn’t a good professor because she gives you good marks, or because she lets you get away with things… She works you hard because she knows that you can do it. She challenges us to work harder and to take control of our own education.” Of her research work, one commented, “Dr. Tenk’s own animal research provided the foundation for my honour’s thesis on the development of binge eating in female adolescent rats. Her previous studies proved to be creative, grounded in the relevant research, and have contributed greatly to current literature. In working with Dr. Tenk outside of the classroom, it became clear that Dr. Tenk is not only an extremely talented professor but also a dedicated and innovative researcher.”

Dr. Tenk holds a Hon.BSc in Biology and Psychology from the University of Toronto and MSc and PhD in Neuroscience from Western. She received tenure and promotion in 2013 and is the author or co-author of eight scholarly articles (seven as first author) and 17 published abstracts (11 as first author). She has presented her research at regional and international conferences since coming to Brescia, and she continues to be an active scholar.

Dr. Tenk’s passion and enthusiasm for scholarship clearly inform her teaching, and she has mentored Brescia students on 18 Honors theses and independent-study research projects. Her courses at Brescia include “Statistics for Psychology,” “Biopsychology,” “Sex Differences in Behavioural Neuroscience,” and “Psychology of Eating” (the latter two were developed by Dr. Tenk for Brescia). She has been on the Dean’s Honor Roll of Teaching every year since she joined the Brescia faculty.

Academic Dean, Dr. Donna Rogers, says of the award, “The selection committee was extremely impressed by the thoughtful support for Dr. Tenk’s nomination by her colleagues at Brescia and beyond, by her students, and by Brescia alumnae. The committee also found Dr. Tenk’s reflections on her teaching philosophy to be compelling — she is deeply aware of different learner styles, implements active learning strategies, and strives to see the student as a whole person. She continues to challenge her own teaching practice to respond to student feedback; she herself notes that her teaching philosophy is firmly grounded, yet she remains open to change.”

The award will be presented at Convocation on June 16, 2014.


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