Brescia Donors Respond to Increased Need

The annual telephone campaign at Brescia University College was an amazing success this year. Students from Brescia spent three evenings in November phoning more than 2,500 alumnae across Canada and the United States. The donations to the annual campaign increased by 15 per cent over last year’s results.


“Alumnae have been very generous this year,” says Elishama Shaw, a third-year student at Brescia. Shaw has been a student caller for the annual campaign for two years and like other student callers, enjoys interacting with the alumnae. “Alumnae still want to know about classes, residence and challenges that students are facing. It’s great to get such a positive response, even when we are calling during dinner time.”

Charitable giving is especially important during an economic downturn, as financial needs of charities tend to be greater.

“It is very encouraging to see the Brescia community stepping forward during these challenging economic times” says Suzanne McDonald Aziz, executive director of the Foundation. “This year we asked alumnae to support the ‘Brescia Fund’ and they came forward with record numbers.”

The ‘Brescia Fund’ is a collection of unrestricted funds used to respond to immediate student needs such as bursaries, scholarships and awards. In addition to alumnae giving to this fund, faculty and staff have stepped up to address the student needs within Brescia.