Kleinknecht gets Brescia nod with the Award for Excellence in Teaching

April 17, 2012

London, ON – Dr. Steve Kleinknecht, Assistant Professor of Sociology, has been awarded the Brescia University College Award for Excellence in Teaching for 2012. The award will be presented at Convocation on June 18th.

Recipients of the award are members of the faculty who have made an outstanding contribution to the academic development of students. Steve, on the faculty in Brescia’s Division of Sociology and Family Studies, received his BA in Sociology and Applied Studies from the University of Waterloo, and both his MA and his PhD in Sociology from McMaster University. His research and scholarly interests include subcultures, deviance, everyday life, sociology of the Internet, qualitative research, and symbolic interactionism.

Student nominators and supporters wrote of Steve’s engaging variety of teaching approaches, dedication to his students, approachability, and his passion for teaching. Students wrote that “he has a gift for both sharing knowledge and sparking the desire to learn” and that he has “the ability to go beyond the classroom and make a difference in his students’ lives.” Colleagues spoke of Steve’s focused but relaxed and engaging style, wit, and the respectful and supportive environment he creates in his classes.

“Being part of an environment, which is truly focused on learning, has been a catalyst for my approachable teaching style. I want students to feel they can openly discuss their ideas inside and outside of the classroom,” Steve explains. “I am passionate about my work and make a concerted effort to share my enthusiasm for Sociology with my students.”

Brescia’s Academic Dean, Dr. John Mitchell, affirms that Steve exemplifies Brescia’s mission of providing a student-centred community that educates women to think critically and to participate actively in society. “He takes part in Brescia’s charity campaigns, assists with student orientation, teaches skills within the student success initiatives, and individually advises and mentors students on a daily basis.”


For more information please contact Colleen Aguilar, Communications, Marketing & External Relations Officer, at 519.432.8353, ext. 28280 orcaguila@uwo.ca.

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