Brescia is among top 10 nurturing universities with innovative programming in Globe & Mail report

October 27, 2010

London, ON – Brescia University College was rated among the   top 10 universities for being academically nurturing and supportive and for   being innovative/open to new approaches and programs in the “personality test”   of this year’s Canadian University Report 2011, published in The Globe &   Mail.

Dr. Colleen Hanycz, Principal, said Brescia’s high ranking in the report   underscores the outstanding support that is provided by Brescia’s faculty and   staff members. “One of our core values – being student-centred – inspires all of   us at Brescia to provide a nurturing, supportive environment in everything we   do, from recruiting students to encouraging them to do the best that they can.

“When they walk across the stage at Convocation, they are leaders in their   own right. I am also encouraged that our students acknowledged, in their   responses to this survey, that we have an appetite for innovation at Brescia. It   is critical to Brescia that we remain responsive to the shifting needs of our   students as they navigate complex university pathways, and that we continually   support them with bold innovations.”

In presentations at Brescia last month renowned educator and researcher Dr.   JoAnn Deak spoke of the importance of nurturing female students. “For most   females, believing a teacher cares about them has a huge impact on the thinking   part of the brain. The neurons that connect the emotional part of the brain to   the thinking part are fairly large. The connection or sense that the teacher   cares about them as a student or a person activates those neurons.”

The report reflects the opinion of more than 35,000 current undergraduate   students, captured in a survey of about 100 questions. Each school was assigned   a letter grade. Brescia scored an A- or higher in 11 of the 17 categories among   very small universities, with high marks for class size, availability and   variety of courses, technology, buildings, and recreational facilities.

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Brescia University College, Canada’s premier women’s university college,   is affiliated with The University of Western Ontario. The 1,100 women registered   as either full- or part-time students at Brescia study a wide variety of   subjects in Arts, Social Sciences, and Foods & Nutrition in an   empowering, compassionate, student-centred, and invigorating   environment. Degrees are granted by Western. The Catholic College   welcomes students from all backgrounds and values diversity. For more   information, please visit

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