Brescia Food & Nutrition students share research findings at a day of presentations

April 22 , 2010


London, ON – Brescia University College  will highlight student research that expands knowledge and leadership in  nutrition and dietetics on the 2nd annual Nutrition Research Day on  April 27.

The second group of Master of  Science in Foods and Nutrition (MScFN) students will deliver the results of  their research in a formal presentation to more than 50 members of the Brescia community in Room 136 of the St. James Building from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. on April 27.

Dr.  Sharareh Hekmat, acting chair of the Division of Food and Nutritional Sciences,  said that the most valuable outcome of the Nutrition Research Day is that  students findan opportunity to share their research findings. “Another  positive aspect ofthis day is that faculty, staff, students, and other  research partners will find out more about the types of research being done  within our program,” Hekmatsaid.

Students  enrolled at Culture Works participated in one research project that examined  the cultural exchange among university students through an English as a Second  Language (ESL) Student Nutrition Awareness Program. Vice Principal Liz Johnson said that she received  positive feedback from their student participants. “They benefited by learning  more about how to eat in a healthy manner here in Canada,  and they were able to gain a greater understanding of healthy food habits and  choices through exposure to Canada’s  Food Guide.    Spending time with their  nutrition partners also allowed them the opportunity to talk about the challenges  they have faced in terms of adjusting to eating and cooking in Canada.” At  Culture Works, students learn the fundamentals of English, along with Western  culture and academic traditions.

Presentations will cover a  variety of nutrition topics based on thesis research or intern experience,  including:

an assessment of the impact  of a nutrition education and skill building program on diet quality in  overweight individuals; going green in healthcare food services, which surveys  the beliefs, attitudes and behaviours regarding environmentally-friendly  initiatives; the dietary patterns and diet quality of university undergraduate  students; and current public perceptions of the safety of store-bought grocery  foods.

Anyone is welcome to drop in  to hear one or more of the presentations. Click here for the complete schedule of presentations.


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