Dr. Jennifer Sutton to receive Brescia University College Award for Excellence in Teaching

April 8 , 2010


London, ON – Jennifer Sutton, Assistant Professor of Psychology, is the 2010   recipient of the Brescia University College Award for Excellence in Teaching.   The award will be presented at Convocation on June 14.

Recipients of the Award are members of the faculty who have made an   outstanding contribution to the academic development of students. Sutton was   appointed to Brescia’s full-time faculty in January, 2007. She has been on the   Dean’s Honor Roll for Teaching every year she has taught at Brescia.

Sutton was nominated for the Award by former students who spoke of her   passion for teaching. In her own cover letter Sutton wrote about a lifetime of   planning for teaching, beginning with her stuffed toys and “less than willing”   younger brother in childhood. This continuing passion was evident to her current   students through Sutton’s “insightful and exceptional lectures,” her use of   varied teaching techniques, and her willingness to meet with students even   outside of office hours. Approachability and availability were themes mentioned   again and again in students’ letters of support, with praise for “the genuine   concern she shows for her students.”

Sutton’s teaching skills are also shown in her ability to make even difficult   material understandable. One former student wrote that Sutton’s course led her   to want to “further investigate the material I have learned because of the way   it was taught” while another described Sutton as “an exceptional communicator   and a gifted teacher.” Sutton was also noteworthy for her commitment to the   Psychology program at Brescia and to her subject area as a whole. Whether   developing new courses or advising students on careers or graduate studies, she   furthered the discipline of Psychology. Sutton is above all an educator who   inspires her students.

Sutton has earned a Ph.D. (2001, University of Western Ontario, Psychology),   an M.A. (1998, University of Western Ontario, Psychology) and a B.A. (1994,   University of Kentucky, Psychology). Sutton is a member of the Canadian Society   for the Study of Brain, Behaviour and Cognitive Science, the Cognitive   Development Society, Comparative Cognition Society, Cognitive Neuroscience   Society, and the Psychonomic Society.

The decision of the selection committee was based on a dossier consisting of   documentation regarding Sutton’s commitment as an educator to teaching,   students, and the broader Western community. The dossier is available for   viewing in Brescia’s Office of the Academic Dean and will be placed in the Beryl   Ivey Library after June 14. Sutton will receive a commemorative scroll at the   upcoming Convocation and her name will be added to the plaque listing the   winners of the Brescia University College Award for Excellence in Teaching.

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