School of Food and Nutritional Sciences

The following members of the faculty at Brescia University College are available to provide comment on today’s stories and topics of interest. Please contact the Department of Communications, Marketing & External Relations to schedule interviews and to visit Brescia.

Dr. Sharareh Hekmat
Tel: (519) 432-8353 Ext: 28227
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Research Areas: Probiotic yogurt for health and nutrition, Probiotic yogurt production and safety in Tanzania and Kenya, “Western Heads East” internship program in Africa, Novel probiotic yogurt supplemented with micronutrients for patients with HIV/AIDS or other immunodeficiencies, Development of new functional foods, Establishing standard methods for products served to patients with dysphagia, Testing of health care professionals and trainees’ perceptions of thickened juice products used in Canada for the treatment of dysphagia.
Area of Expertise: Probiotic Dairy Products, Functional Foods

Dr. Leonard Pichélen_piche
Full Professor
Tel: (519) 432-8353 Ext: 28284
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Research Areas: Childhood obesity, for example, children’s beverage consumption and other factors that contribute to children’s Screen-Related Sedentary Behaviors, The nutrient analysis of locally grown foods/commodities, restaurant, longterm care & cookbook recipes/menus.
Area of Expertise: Natural Health Products.