Bring Your Bold

Our 2014-15 recruitment campaign directly engages viewers, asking: “Ready to Lead? Bring YOUR Bold”

Demonstrating a range of what bold looks like, from identifying as a strong athlete to choosing vibrant boots amidst a sea of neutrals, we can see women at Brescia stand out. They bring their own version of bold to the table. Sometimes it’s obvious what that is, but other times it’s more discrete as bold is often in the details.

Formally, the key elements of each image stand out against simple backgrounds, clearly articulating the focus on the distinct feature within each woman. While providing this spotlight on the image, the headlines lift the visual language from our viewbook and are placed in bright boxes to appear as a confident stamp in each layout. Uniform in style, and never getting in the way of the student, they offer support to the concept and invite viewers to place themselves in this frame: What’s YOUR bold?

Bring Your Bold Bring Your Bold