Brescia exceeds United Way campaign goal and earns a day off


A perennial favourite among United Way fundraisers at Brescia is the Chair Derby. Team “Bold for Gold” cheers the success of the 2009 campaign!

When Brescia University College launched its United Way  campaign in November the goal was set at $6,000, and there was an additional  opportunity to support the community organization that would pay off for  Brescia staff and faculty members.

Dr. Colleen Hanycz, Principal, encouraged employees to dig a  little deeper and she set a second goal of $1,090 for a “Christmas Ransom.” If  this goal was reached, Brescia would close one day early for the Christmas  break. The goal was calculated based on $10 per employee plus $90 in  recognition of the anniversary of Canada’s premier women’s university.

At the launch Hanycz said, “For me that particular  initiative is about partnership. Our administration is willing to give a little  and we hope that the ‘Ransom’ will inspire more giving from our community.”

The Brescia community was clearly inspired. At the preview  of the new Brescia web site earlier today, Hanycz announced to members of the  Brescia community that they raised a total of $7,026.40 for United Way. Just  under $6,000 was raised for the primary campaign and the goal for the  “Christmas Ransom” was exceeded, so Brescia will be closed for the holidays  following December 22.

Dr. Leslie Janes, Campaign Chair, was applauded by  colleagues following the announcement. She gives credit for the successful  campaign to creativity and teamwork. “It shows how everyone can pull together  as a team to meet the challenge. I couldn’t have done it myself. The committee  was fabulous and I enjoyed working with them.”