Students LEAD workshops prepare high school students for university

July 19, 2011

London, ON – On Thursday August 25, 2011   Brescia University College will launch a two-day workshop, called Students LEAD,   designed to assist female students with their final year of high school and   prepare them for university-level expectations.

In a variety of Students LEAD workshop sessions, including:   “Test-taking Tactics;” “Research: Beyond Wikipedia;” and “Classroom Etiquette;”   students will be encouraged to learn more about future studies.

“We know these workshops really make students confident in   their abilities and aptitudes,” explains Brescia’s Instruction Co-ordinator,   Kate Norton. “Two years ago we launched a similar workshop program called the   Fundamentals of Academic Success Certificate (FASC), for first-year students who   were having difficulties making the transition from high school to university.   FASC was very well received and students actually witnessed immediate increases   in confidence and numeric grades.”

Carolynn Mazzei, a Brescia student who completed the FASC   program in her first year of university, concurs. “In my first semester at   Brescia I received my very first ‘B’ on an essay. I was devastated because I was   so used to getting 90s in high school. So I was really interested in “The Essay:   Structure and Content” workshop.” After completing this workshop, Carolynn saw a   significant and immediate difference in the grades and comments she received on   subsequent essays. Her marks improved by a whole letter grade.

Brescia’s Students LEAD sessions, facilitated by Brescia   faculty and staff members, run on August 25 and 26. The fee for the two-day   workshop is $40 and lunch and refreshments are provided for all participants.

For more information please visit: or   contact Kate Norton, Brescia’s Instruction Co-ordinator, at 519-432-8353 ext.   28010 or


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