Brescia receives City of London’s Race Relations Recognition award


London, ON – On Monday   March 21, 2011 London’s City Council and Mayor Joe Fontana presented Brescia   University College with the Race Relations Recognition Award in honour of the   dedication that Brescia faculty and staff have given to create an inclusive   environment both on campus and abroad.

Each March in celebration of the International Day for the Elimination of   Racial Discrimination, the City of London presents a Race Relations Recognition   Award to one organization across five categories: Business and Labour; Education   and Training; Social and Community Services; Public and Private Institutions;   and The Corporation of the City of London.

Brescia University College was the winner in the 2011 Education and Training   category. The winner of each category is said to have heightened awareness for   positive race relations in London and encouraged ongoing city-wide activities   that promote/advance London as a welcoming city.

Brescia University College’s Principal, Dr. Colleen Hanycz, comments, “I am   so proud of Brescia’s faculty, staff, and students, who are ultimately the ones   being honoured by this award. Brescia is a Catholic college rooted in the   Ursuline tradition and we pride ourselves on inclusivity. Brescia prepares her   graduates to lead with wisdom, justice, and compassion in a changing world.”

Brescia University College was nominated for this award for a number of   reasons.

At the heart of Brescia’s internal attention to race relations and diversity   is the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), administered by Brescia’s   International Program Co-ordinator, Christina Lord. Christina provides regular   workshops to students, staff, and faculty members. Ideas learned in these   sessions have helped to shape Brescia’s Community Development Orientation   Program as well.

Brescia’s desire to expose students to different ways of life has also   manifested itself in academic programming and research. Dr. Sharareh Hekmat,   associate professor in the Division of Food and Nutritional Sciences at Brescia,   and her team of student researchers and colleagues from across The University of   Western Ontario have shown how academic study and practice can effect positive   change in developing countries.

Dr. Hekmat was one of the original members of the Western Heads East (WHE)   steering committee that opened a site in Africa where women are empowered to   produce and sell probiotic yoghurt. This yoghurt contains mico-organisms   effective in treating and preventing HIV/AIDS. Dr. Hekmat has trained more than   25 interns, who have also helped to create a sustainable mini-dairy plant in   Mwanza, Tanzania.

Additionally, in July 2010 Brescia University College’s Girls LEAD summer   camp program went international – to Barbados. Two Brescia students, an alumna,   and one staff member led 22 female primary school students through a series of   confidence-building exercises, all of which helped to reduce prejudice and raise   awareness about different cultures.

Brescia is honoured to have been acknowledged for its race relations   initiatives through this award.


For more information, please contact Sheila Blagrave, director of   communications, marketing, and external relations at Brescia (; 519-432-8353 (extension   28293)

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