Brescia English professor strikes poetry gold by identifying George Herbert poem

July 13, 2010


London, ON – A nearly 400 year-old case of mistaken identity   was solved earlier this year by Dr. James Doelman, professor of English at   Brescia University College, when he discovered that the poem – “On the death of   Mr. Barker of Hammon, and his wife who dyed both together” – was written by   George Herbert (1593-1633).

Doelman made the discovery when he examined the original manuscript in the   British Library. “When I was working on another article about one of his Latin   poems in The George Herbert Journal, I got nosing around and discovered   his initials under another poem,” Doelman recalled.

Those earlier initials were a match with those on his recent  discovery. To authenticate his finding, Doelman conducted some scholarly  detective work and discovered someone else had misidentified those initials.  Doelman also established that the poem was written in 1618 about Herbert’s aunt  and uncle who died within months of each other. The poem has never appeared in  any anthology or journal as Herbert’s because of the misidentification of those  initials, so this was a significant discovery.


“I spent a lot of time with the manuscript because I  realized that a lot of the poems were written about the wider family in Shropshire. I looked through a lot of the poems to see if  there were others by Herbert before announcing my find. I was excited. It’s one  of these moments when you feel like a detective who has found the evidence. I  told my wife, but didn’t get into a lot of specifics with other people at  first,” he smiled.

After the discovery was authenticated by the scholarly community, Doelman published an article about his finding in the February 19, 2010 issue of the Times Literary Supplement (TLS), a weekly journal of literary culture and reviews. “I published with TLS because part of their job is to edit and verify what they’re publishing.” Doelman has sent the evidence to other Herbert scholars. The poem will be fully verified when it is included in the next published anthology of Herbert’s work.

Herbert was a minister with the Church of England and is  famous for his devotional poetry. Doelman said this newly discovered epitaph  will be of interest beyond academia because the couplet has been used and  applied many times. Now those who recite the words will know where they came  from and about whom they were originally written.


“One of the reasons I do so much work with manuscripts  is the fact that there are thousands of poems that have never received  scholarly attention. It keeps things fresh when we make new discoveries.”

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