Brescia closes year of 90th Anniversary celebrations with garden party

June 18, 2010


Photo credit: John Tamblyn
Left to right) Sr. Frances  Ryan, Council  of Trustees Co-ordinator Sara Steers, and  Principal Colleen Hanycz perform the ceremonial cutting of the cake at the “Brescia in Wonderland” garden party on June 17 in  celebration of Brescia   University College’s  90th Anniversary.

London, ON – The beautiful grounds of Brescia University   College were transformed into “Brescia in Wonderland” on June 17 for a garden   party that brought an elegant close to a year of events marking the 90th   anniversary of Canada’s only women’s university.

Dr. Colleen Hanycz, Principal, opened the ceremonial part of the event by   welcoming about 150 guests, including Ursuline Sisters from London and Chatham,   alumnae, volunteers, and faculty and staff members with their families.

“The Ursuline community ‘back in the day’ was far from what you’d call   typical for the time…When this group of young women insisted on working among   the people around them, you can imagine the controversy that followed!   Fortunately, throughout history the Ursuline Sisters have continued to embrace   the unconventional and that is most certainly what led to the establishment of   their many good works, including Brescia University College, 90 years ago!”   Hanycz said.

Standing between historic Ursuline Hall and the more modern St. James   Building, Council of Trustees Chair Sara Steers commented on the importance of   Brescia as a special place. “The Romans spoke of ‘genius loci’ or ‘spirit of   place’ and believed that all places had a guardian spirit that engendered   life…As we celebrate the ‘sense of place’ created by Brescia’s founders we also   celebrate the relationships between landscape, open space, built forms, and   people who brought it to life and fostered a space so the young women coming   through this ‘place’ would flourish. This place is a community like no   other.”

The keynote was delivered by Sr. Frances Ryan, former principal, whose   stories about Brescia’s past, present, and future were told through a literary   looking glass. “Wherever Brescia’s women go we will see good things happen. We   will see light and wisdom shared. We will see responsibilities accepted and   fulfilled. We will see faith and goodness triumph. We will see Brescia Bold   stamped on our world!”

While adults exchanged stories and memories, accompanied by Celtic harpist   Jennifer White and percussionist Robert MacMaster, the children were treated to   a magic show and balloon animals by Dotsy’s Entertainment, croquet, face   painting, and other activities.

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