Brescia earns top prize for developing case studies for Business students

June 3 , 2010


London, ON  – Brescia University College  has been recognized by the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC)  for submitting the best case studies developed as teaching tools for business students.

The two case studies, authored by Professor Colleen Sharen  of Brescia’s Management and Organizational  Studies program, earned the Institutional Award for Case Writing Excellence at the ASAC conference at the University   of Regina in May. ASAC is  the regional organization that represents Canada  within the Academy   of Management, which is  one of the premier academic associations in management.

Brescia’s  winning case studies were among about 30 submissions. Case studies represent  one track of academic activity at the conference attended by 325 delegates from  around the world. Sharen said that Brescia’s win  is validation of the investment Canada’s  women’s university is making in leadership and organizational studies. “It  demonstrates that Brescia  is committed to management studies as a program and as a discipline.  We’ve got  smart, capable people at Brescia  who care about the students and about the program. Professor  Melissa Jean and I are continuing to work on research and cases. Winning the award allows  students to understand that we have the capability.”

Sharen explains that a case study is based on a real  situation in which the student assumes the role of the decision-maker who has  to make a difficult decision where there are equally appealing choices. “Case  learning is all about learning a decision-making process while learning theory.  Really, case studies are true stories, where students have to put themselves in  the role of the person who has really faced such a situation. Students learn  judgment, to assess quality of data, and aspects of leadership.”

Unique to the cases submitted by Brescia is the focus on women in leadership  roles. Sharen explained, “I’ve written a lot of cases that feature some of the  business challenges that women face. Each case has a specific learning  objective, such as identifying franchise opportunities, and these cases also  illustrate to the broader world the role that women play. In these cases, women  are role models, make decisions, are leaders, and are business owners.”

Sharen hopes to share the award-winning knowledge with a  greater number of her peers by submitting the cases for publication in the Case Research Journal, published by the  North American Case Research Association.

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