Brescia launches nine bold videos on YouTube

May 19 , 2010

London, ON – Brescia University  College has launched nine new  professionally-produced videos on YouTube and on the main page of the university’s  web site to send the message that Canada’s women’s university is a solid  choice among young women who choose to lead.

Director of Communications,  Marketing & External Relations Sheila Blagrave said that sharing the videos  on the popular online video community is part of an ambitious marketing plan to  make prospective students aware of unique learning opportunities at Brescia, including  leadership roles and community involvement. “We created a series of videos that  would excite young women about our university and make them eager to learn more  about our unique educational experience by coming for a visit or applying to  study here.”

Principal Colleen Hanycz is  pleased with the final cuts, as they expand on the four attributes that have  become central to Brescia’s  identity: empowering, invigorating, student-centred, and compassionate. “The  video campaign builds on the Brescia Bold brand that was  launched last September, bringing it to life and reinforcing it on an  emotional level and in a dynamic way. The two main concepts at work in these  videos are extolling the benefits of an all-female university and dispelling  some of the perceived barriers in attending a women’s university. And in some  of the videos we wanted to show that learning here can be a pursuit that is  both intellectual and fun.”

The videography team filmed  students for two days in late March. The final videos selected include four  solo spots, four themed videos, and a viral video that is intended more to  entertain than to educate. Registrar Marianne Simm said that while men are  welcome on the faculty and in the classroom, Brescia proudly remains a women’s university.  “One of the top questions that we are asked by prospective students before  coming to campus is, ‘Are there are any boys at Brescia?’ We created three videos to address  this question and even poke fun at it. All three videos are light-hearted  and demonstrate that men are welcome at Brescia,  but women take the lead.”

All nine videos are now  posted to YouTube at and to Brescia’s  recruitment-focused micro site at  Each of the videos will also appear in a rotation on the home page at


Brescia University College, Canada’s premier women’s university college, is  affiliated with The University   of Western Ontario. The  1,100 women registered as either full or part-time students at Brescia study a wide  variety of subjects in Arts, Social Sciences, and Foods & Nutrition in an empowering, compassionate, student-centred, and  invigorating environment. Degrees are granted by Western. The Catholic College  welcomes students from all backgrounds and values diversity. For more current  and archived news, a listing of faculty experts, and photos please visit our  Online Media Room at

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