Brescia appoints Dr. John Mitchell as Academic Dean

May 3 , 2010


London, ON – An international  search revealed that the best candidate for the position of Academic Dean at  Brescia University College has been at Canada’s premier women’s university for  seven years, earning the respect and admiration of scholars and students alike.  Dr. John Mitchell, Chair of Psychology in Brescia’s  Division of Social Sciences, will assume the three-year renewable term on July  1, 2010.

In the announcement made to  the Brescia community on Friday, Dr. Colleen  Hanycz, Principal, commented on the deep pool of qualified applicants from  which the search committee had to draw, and explained that Mitchell’s  institutional knowledge and contributions took him to the top. “Dr. Mitchell  has been a highly valued member of the Brescia  community for several years. He is an inspired teacher, a committed scholar,  a supportive colleague, and a gifted administrator. I am delighted  that he has agreed to enrich his experiences with this appointment and I look  forward to Brescia  benefiting from his creative, strategic, and collegial approach.”

Mitchell  carefully considered the opportunities and challenges before applying for the  role. He enjoys being an associate professor and department chair, but said he  feels invigorated by the challenges that come with the strides and changes Brescia is making. “I  applied for the position of Academic Dean because I care about Brescia and because I love working here. The  position of Academic Dean will allow me to make a contribution to Brescia different from  the one I was able to make as a member of the teaching faculty or as department  chair. There are challenges, but if there are no challenges then we’re  coasting; we aren’t trying hard enough,” he said.

After  completing his B.A. and M.A. in Psychology at Queen’s University, Mitchell earned  his Ph.D. from the Centre for Studies in Behavioural Neurobiology in Concordia University’s Department of Psychology.  Including his graduate work, he has worked in six universities as Postdoctoral  Fellow, Research Fellow, Assistant Professor, and Associate Professor. Since  arriving at Brescia  in 2003, Mitchell has maintained a place on the Dean’s Honour List for Teaching  and won the Brescia University College Award for Excellence in Teaching in  2007. He is a reviewer for several psychology journals, contributor to and  author of academic textbooks, and author of many published research reports. His  many contributions to academic service include sitting on various search  committees, acting as chair of the Brescia Research Ethics Board, working on  the United Way  campaign, and helping to revise the Professional Development Fund Guidelines.

Mitchell is excited about the ways he can choose to  lead Brescia’s  academic programs into the future, while remaining firmly grounded on the  principles and values that have made the College a compassionate and  student-centred environment for 90 years. “I think the greatest challenge is  for us to continue to grow and develop to meet the needs of our millennial  students, but without forgetting who we are and where we are from. We have a  unique history that has shaped our mission and defines what we are as a community.  A decade into the 21st century we need to continue to grow, change,  and develop, but we also need to keep our mission in mind. This is an  exciting time for Brescia  as we continue to progress. We must also remember what and who we are; it is  important for us to remember our history as we embrace our future.”


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