Dr. Helene Cummins finds joy as Brescia’s Associate Academic Dean (Student Affairs)

January 8, 2010

Dr. Helene Cummins has been appointed to the position of  Associate Academic Dean (Student Affairs) at Brescia University   College, where she has  been on faculty since 1993.

Cummins joined Brescia  as a lecturer, served as Chair of Sociology from 1998-2001, and is enjoying the  challenges and rewards of her new administrative role, in which she manages the  Scholars Electives, Brescia Scholars, and Preliminary Year student programs.

She has been recognized for 10 years on the Dean’s Honour  Roll of Teaching and earned an Award of Excellence in Teaching in 2001. “I love  my students first and foremost. I love teaching; I received the first teaching  award at Brescia.  I love my research that plays into teaching. All of my work prepares me for  this job. My work is multi-faceted, as is the role, so it all fits. You have to  be able to deal with a variety of issues to benefit and help students in the  best way you can,” Cummins explains.

While the administrative duties keep Cummins very busy, she  continues to teach as well because she thinks the ongoing classroom interaction  with students makes her a better leader. “Helping students grow and guiding  them to their full potential is very fulfilling to me.”

Cummins earned her Honors B.A. in Sociology at Wilfrid Laurier  University, and her M.A. and Ph.D. in  Sociology from the University   of Waterloo. Prior to  joining Brescia’s  faculty, Cummins taught at Laurier for five years. She describes working at Canada’s only  women’s university as a blessing. “It’s wonderfully engaging. I found my  passion. I have always felt blessed to be able to undertake teaching and  research at a women’s university. I marvel at the ingenuity, wisdom, and  dedication of the Ursuline Sisters. These were very savvy women who invested  their lives for the enhancement of women’s education. To know that one is part  of this vision that they crafted from the ground up is tremendously special.”

Cummins was appointed to the position of Associate Academic Dean  (Student Affairs) in October. To  date, she has most enjoyed exposing students to arts and culture to round out  their educational experience and is embracing opportunities to improve existing  programs for the benefit of students. “Being given the gifts to educate,  assist, mentor, and socially interact with students inside and out of the  classroom is tremendously rewarding. And, practising my life’s work is  important and joyful. It’s also very humbling because I’m consistently reminded  of how much more I need to learn and how much more I can grow.”

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Dr. Helene Cummins 519.432.8353, ext. 28055                                                 E-mail: hcummins@uwo.ca

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