Brescia delivers a Package of Profs live to local high schools


November 2, 2009

London, ON – Brescia University College has launched Package of Profs, a new and unique initiative to respond to high school students who may have reservations about attending university.

Package of Profs is a program created and executed by more than a dozen Brescia professors who are determined to make the transition from high school to university as seamless as possible for students. These committed professors volunteer to make tailored presentations, about any aspect of university life, to local grade 12 students – all in hopes of ensuring they are excited, rather than fearful, about their futures.

Since the program’s inception in September, local high school teachers and guidance counsellors have been very receptive to Package of Profs. With just under 30 high schools in the region targeted, one third have requested presentations. This program is the only of its kind within the London region.

Laura Pollard, Head of Guidance at Montcalm Secondary School, commented, “The Brescia prof that visited our school did a fantastic job of presenting the real differences between high school and university expectations. The information really made it clear that the freedom factor in university is one to take seriously – enjoy the freedom, but remember that you are a student first with many responsibilities.”

Pollard was so impressed with the presentation made at the school’s Grad Assembly on October 1 that she also requested to have Brescia profs attend Montcalm’s Grad and Parent Night on November 26 and to prepare a mock lecture for Grade 12 chemistry students.

Package of Profs presentations are tailored to the particular needs of each school – flexibility is one of the program’s many features. With each faculty at Brescia represented by a participating professor, they can deliver a presentation for any audience.

Dr. June Matthews, Professor in the Division of Food and Nutritional Sciences, explains, “Package of Profs provides professors with an opportunity to talk to high school students about all the benefits of pursuing a university education – regardless of where the students choose to go. If they happen to be inspired by a professor from Brescia, well, that’s great. We have a unique, world-class campus – and are more than happy to talk about it to whomever we meet!”


For more information please contact: Jocelyn Lagerquist Outreach and Special Events Coordinator

Phone: 519.432.8353 ext. 28395