Brescia to Launch New Brand and Celebrate 90th Anniversary

London, ON

About 300 members of the Brescia University College community are expected to attend an exciting event to launch a year of 90th Anniversary celebrations and the new brand of Canada’s premier women’s university on September 14.

Guests have been invited to attend the annual Opening Mass in the chapel at 11:30 a.m., followed by a barbeque at noon on the patio of the Mother St. James Memorial Building and then the brand launch, which begins at 12:30 p.m. in the auditorium.

Dr. Colleen Hanycz, Principal, is enthusiastic about the event and about the new brand. “Brescia has been an icon of London’s community since 1919. As we celebrate 90 years of educating women who choose to lead in a variety of ways, we know this brand will capture the essence of our esteemed past and our bold new future.”

While Brescia remains Canada’s only women’s university and is affiliated with the University of Western Ontario, there’s more to the story. It is hoped that launching and implementing a new brand will raise awareness of Brescia among its target audience, women aged 18-20, and beyond.

Registrar Marianne Simm explains, “Research and focus groups indicated that the Brescia brand was not clearly communicated with students or even the local community. While Brescia has grown significantly over the last decade, there has not been broad and common understanding of who Brescia is, what we offer and who our target audience is.”

In January 2009, Brescia began working with Iowa-based Stamats, a marketing firm with a focus on higher education and experience working with women’s colleges in the United States. Stamats describes Brescia’s brand as “a positioning or a trust mark for what the institution represents…The brand message has been built on attributes that the institution can demonstrate and stand behind, which are distinctive, believable, and important to the essence of the Brescia educational experience.”

Dr. Colleen Hanycz, Principal, says many people have been involved in the development of the brand over the past nine months. “We engaged in a broad consultative process that invited all members of Brescia’s community to engage with our branding exercise. We used surveys, workshops, and focus groups and were able to benefit from the broad input of our faculty, staff, students, alumnae, volunteers, and friends of Brescia. We remain convinced that the results of this process should speak clearly to the characteristics, values, and aspirations of Brescia.”

While the brand will drive communications at Brescia for years to come, Simm says the commitment to ‘live the brand’ will also extend to day-to-day operations, planning and programs. The details of the new brand and the launch are being kept under wraps to ensure a fun and surprise-filled event on September 14.


For more information please contact Brescia’s Department of Communications, Marketing & External Relations:

Sheila Blagrave, Director Julie Maltby, Officer
519.432.8353, ext. 28293 or 519.432.8353, ext. 28280 or

 Brescia University College, Canada’s premier women’s university college, is affiliated with The University of Western Ontario. The 1,100 women registered as either full or part-time students at Brescia study a wide variety of subjects in Arts, Social Sciences, and Foods & Nutrition in an empowering, compassionate, student-centred, and invigorating environment. Degrees are granted by Western. The Catholic College welcomes students from all backgrounds and values diversity. For more information, please visit