Brescia Emphasizes Quality and Innovation with new in-house Food Services


September 2, 2009

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Erin Harris is Brescia’s first Food Services Manager

London, ON – On Tuesday, September 8, Brescia University College opened its doors to the new Castle Café restaurant as the first university in Canada to bring food services in house following years of contracting an external provider.

Erin Harris, Brescia’s first Food Services Manager, says her desire is to offer students a food with a focus on freshness and variety and an emphasis on ethnic cuisine. “I am the most excited, from the perspective of the student, about the daily Interactive Menu we are rolling out. This gives the student the opportunity to have their favourite dish made exactly the way they want, right in front of them,” Harris says.

Director of Financial Services Sylvia White is equally enthusiastic about the new venture. “We’re going to work closely with Foods & Nutrition students to provide healthy menus and nutritional information so that students can eat well and make informed choices.”

Brescia is well-positioned to manage food services as home to a renowned Division of Foods & Nutritional Sciences (FNS). Dr. Sharareh Hekmat, Chair, says FNS faculty members and students will be delighted to offer helpful suggestions. “I’m hoping that our students and faculty could be involved in the menu planning and overall operation of this new service. The new in house food services should offer a variety of high quality nutritious items and follow all regulations of safe food handling.”

The Castle Café will run as a restaurant with made-to-go sandwiches, muffins, and ice cream. As well, the chef will prepare hot meals, wraps, and other offerings. Students and members of the faculty and staff may also choose to make their own sandwiches and a new Panini grill is expected to be a popular item.

The staff isn’t the only group excited about the changes. Residence Assistants, who have been on campus for training over the past week, have sampled the new fare. Emily Overgaard, a second-year Health Sciences student, says with a smile, “We’re welcoming the change with open arms and open mouths. We’re loving it.”

Jemma Hunter, a third-year Foods & Nutrition student, commented on the quality, freshness, colour and variety of the menu. “It’s like home cooking again,” she says. This feedback pleases Harris. “If you measure improvement by way of quality ingredients with fair pricing and an exciting menu, then it’s safe to say we have made drastic improvements with the food service operation at Brescia.”

White listed a number of additional improvements under the management of Food Services at Brescia: better and more varied menus, improved hours of service with the introduction of late-night pizza, and snack service for students following their evening course break and a rotating marché bar at dinner.

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