Students Give Brescia Top Grades in Survey

Brescia University College (Brescia) consistently scored well in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), the results of which were published in a Maclean’s article this week.

Brescia consistently exceeded the scores of their American peers and the larger Canadian institutions. Among 42 universities, Brescia ranked second in the areas of collaborative learning and supportive campus environment, eighth in providing an enriching educational experience, and in the areas of level of academic challenge and student-faculty interaction.

Benchmarks of effective educational practice were determined from responses to 100 questions to assess how engaged students are with their schools, their professors and their peers. Student engagement has been shown to be high correlated with learning.

The U.S.-based NSSE began in 1999 and is distributed to first-and senior-year students. It is a study of best educational practices and an assessment of the degree to which each university follows those best practices in five key areas: level of academic challenge, student-faculty interaction, active and collaborative learning, enriching educational experience and supportive campus environment.

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